Lemmy, an open-source federated Reddit alternative, gets funding for development

225 points185 comments

Secretive – macOS native app to store SSH keys in the Secure Enclave

104 points41 comments

How Does Sqlite Work? (2014)

253 points34 comments

Xi-Editor Retrospective

173 points33 comments

24a2: An ultra-minimalist game engine

23 points3 comments

Weak bits floppy disc protection: an alternate origins story on 8-bit

14 points0 comments

Sensors detect rise in nuclear particles on Baltic Sea

239 points101 comments

Show HN: Rainbow – an attempt to display colour on a B&W monitor

311 points47 comments

Cache Oblivious Algorithms

150 points12 comments

Applied Category Theory 2020 is coming up soon

9 points0 comments

Cryengine Source Code

121 points77 comments

Die shrink: How Intel scaled down the 8086 processor

84 points5 comments

Pico-8: Enabling more than 16 colors on the screen

11 points0 comments

Real VT102 Emulation with MAME

73 points17 comments

Take control over your feeds to regain mindfulness

89 points26 comments

Astronomers detect regular rhythm of radio waves, with origins unknown

203 points109 comments

Wren is a small, fast, class-based concurrent scripting language

37 points18 comments

MathDeck: A math-aware search interface

21 points1 comments

Seeing Theory (2017)

116 points9 comments

Wirecard Scandal Puts Spotlight on Auditor Ernst and Young

101 points31 comments

Show HN: Turtle Graphics library for p5.js sketches / JavaScript (open-source)

17 points0 comments

Hardcoded secrets, unverified tokens, and other common JWT mistakes

161 points73 comments

Show HN: Global sailing navigation simulator using real weather/ocean data

100 points35 comments

Show HN: A Reddit reader that looks like the frontpage of a print newspaper

508 points111 comments

“Loss of smell” Google search now trending in West Virginia, Nebraska, Nevada

28 points4 comments

Personal OKRs for Success

98 points40 comments

Tim O’Reilly makes a case for why venture capital is starting to do more harm

193 points116 comments

Spuds with everything

18 points0 comments

The Spreading of Threading (2019)

10 points2 comments

Privacy and Common Law Names: Sand in the Gears of Identification

5 points1 comments
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