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 Sight Glass, Flow and Level Gauges

 Redline and Heavywall Sight Glass

 Long Liquid Level Indicator, Gauge Glass

 Marine Sight Glass

 Sight Glass For Distilleries

 Pyrex Cylinders, Pyrex Tubes

 Pyrex Half-Cylinder Tubes

 Vapor Tanks

 Pyrex Bell Jars

 Flanged Bell Jars

 Gaskets For Bell Jars

 Replacement and Restoration Lighting Glass

 Patio Heater Replacement Tubes

 Windscreens For Gas Fire Pits

 Hurricane Lamps, Lamp Chimneys

 Glass Decoration & Lights For Weddings

 Sandblasting Glass, Designer Glass Etching

 Lighting Designer Glass

 Church Lighting, Custom Lighting

 Glassware Movie Props

 Vintage Gas Pump Restoration

 Erlenmeyer Flask

 Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

 Architectural Glass

 Round Bottom Flasks

 Specimen Jar

 Carboy with Spigot

 Chromatography Columns

 Separatory Funnel

 Chromatography Jars

 Zymark Turbovap Glass Replacement

 Three Neck Flasks

 Quartz Combustion/Reduction tubes

 Furnace Tubes

 Electrochemical Test Cell

 Aluminum Vacuum Plates

 Buchi Glass Parts Repair

Glass Pyrex grinding polishing drilling

Extra long, extra thick, extra large pyrex glass

accept mark greatglas Precision glass machining, cutting, grinding

accept mark greatglas Sight Glass Manufacturing, Red Lining, Rush Service

FYI Precision tolerances and difficult configurations of glass, pyrex, quartz.
FYI Pyrex and soft glass manufacturing of extra long, extra thick, extra large items.
FYI Prototype to production quantities
FYI If you need Engineering assistance we will provide it for you.
FYI Guaranteed quality and on-time delivery.
FYI Various payment and shipment options.
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