Thursday, January 3, 2019

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Addition to the Dust Collection Setup

The better half got me the Sawstop Over-Arm Dust Collection Assembly.

There are a few goals for having it installed so that it would work with all of the other systems.
  • Be easily lowered down against the saw to reduce the height so it can easily fit under the new Miter Saw station.
  • Be easily moved out of the way so the right side router table can be used.
  • Do a good job collecting the dust off the top of the cuts.
Since we also have the Incra TS/LS system it took a little modification of the mounts to get them to work.

The bolts that came in the kit weren't big enough to work in the Incra Rails so we used some bolts that we had in the shop.  Unfortunately that meant drilling out the hole in the mount a little bit.
The Nova Drill Press did a great job as usual.

A couple of bolts, lock washers, and flat washers are holding the mounts securely.

The tubes are set in the holders so they stick out from the edge just a little.

The instructions have the long tube on top with the short flex hose, but in the end we went with the opposite.  The short tube with the long flex hose on top and the long tube with short flex hose on the bottom.  The adapter, while not a wye, seems to do a decent job of pulling air into the setup.

The tubes easily rotate in the holders after tightening them just a little.  This lets the saw still easily fit under the miter saw station.

And the whole setup easily rotates all the way down allowing full access to the right side router table setup.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Simple Frames made with Love

The oldest girl picked out a couple of prints for her room as presents.

We had previously made a walnut/cherry frame for a drawing she made so it was an easy jump to make a couple of frames for these new prints.

She wanted the frames all white ( after changing her mind from white to black ) and fairly small.

After researching different woods and styles we decided to go the simple route and just use MDF.

After practicing a couple of times with the new Festool Domino it was frame making time.

We did a quick and simple Sketchup drawing of the frame just to have a reference for the measurements and drawings to work from.  We printed out shots of both pieces and kept them in the shop while we were making the frame to use as a reference.

Going by the measurements, we cut the four pieces to their longest length and then used a straight bit in the router table to cut a small recess in the bottom of each piece of the frame to hold the plexiglass, print, and backer.

After verifying the miter saw was cutting 45 degrees, both the long sides were cut at the same time and then did the same for both the short sides.

After putting a domino in each corner, it was amazing to see how well it dry fit together and held.

A little glue in each hole for the domino and on the edges was used.  Because of the dominos clamping the frame together was much faster and easier while ending up more square in the end.

We picked up some plexiglass from the big orange store but cutting it was a challenge at first.  I scored it over and over and then tried to break it along the lines.  It worked, but ended up having to break small piece after small piece off and didn't give a nice smooth edge like we wanted.  

We gave up, pulled out the trusty track saw, and slow and smooth won the race.

Both frames were primed with Zinsser from a spray can we got from the big orange store.  Unfortunately using the spray can turned out to get more primer on the surrounding stuff than the frame.  It took a couple of coats and ended up using the whole can.

Once the primer was dry, sanded, and done again, the frames were sprayed with General Finishes Milk Paint in the Snow White color.  We used the new Fuji Sprayer and thinned the paint with 10% to 15% and the stock needle size.  The Fuji is amazing and made a beautiful coat once I got back in the swing of it.  Keeping a wet coat worked the best.

Because the recess wasn't deep enough to hold the plexiglass and backing we used a couple of screws and mounted the backing on the outside of the back of the frame.

Finished products.

And in her room, hung, and enjoyed.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

What we use

We've been asked a few times what tools we use to do what we do.

We decided to set up an account on kit.com to list some of the equipment and tools we use.

Checkout our lists and let us know if you have any questions about the tools or anything else.


Have a great one!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Painting Melamine

The better half mentioned that there are way too many different colors in the garage/shop and it is making things look very busy and not as organized as it could.

She took a girls weekend and I started in on the typical "I'll fix THAT" mode.  Found an OLD can of stain that barely gave up it's lid and I figured I had one chance at turning things black.

I like black, it's well, black, and you can't complain about the ole #3.  And I sure as heck wasn't going to try to duplicate Gordon's Rainbow Warriors Paint Job.  The better half wouldn't come home again.

But I digress...  I "stained" the new miter saw station and unfortunately still had stain left and went looking for other places to waste the stain.

I saw the Incra TS-LS extension wing that is white.  WHITE?  Really?  Come on...  So we have the Sawstop ( Black, Red accents  ),  Incra TS-LS ( Gold rails, Red accents ), Extension ( White, gold accents ), and Incra Dust Sweep ( White and Red Accent ).

You know when you have that little person screaming at you inside your head, and you don't listen, things typically go sideways quickly.  Yea, well, I didn't listen and I ended up with a mess.

This is Art Right?

"I just wanted to drain the swamp" was quoted to me a bit into this.

Let's just say that I learned a LOT about painting Melamine.

Things NOT to do:
* Stain ( It stuck fine, but had brush strokes and was flat ).
* Leave the heater running which kicks up dust.
* Only wait the minimum time to sand.
* Expect Gloss Black to hide ANYTHING.
* Ask the folks at the Big Orange store.
* Try to roll on Alkad Hybrid Paint.

Things to do:
* Sand the Melamine to at least 320 to ruff it up.  800grit will give you a really nice smooth finish.
* Wipe down really well
* Use a Tac Cloth and get everything off the surface.
* Turn off any air moving devices ( Heater, Air Filter, etc ).
* Use Krylon Fusion Spray Paint.
* Put down a light coat.
* Wait about 45-60sec and put down a heavier coat.
* Do another coat 90deg to the first but don't get it too heavy especially if there are vertical surfaces.
* Walk away slowly, don't look back, don't breathe on it, and don't make angry faces at it either whatever you do.
* Wait about 25min ( Depending on temp and humidity ) and put down another good coat.

Rolled on the Orange store's recommendation.  FAIL.

You realize how tough melamine is when you can sand and sand on it and it still stays  nice.  Back to white.

Looks pretty good until you get close and see all the dust and junk in it.

Finally got it to the point I'm 90% happy.

Maybe Incra could just offer a black version???

Finishing touches might just be a big ole #3 in the middle!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Table Maintenance

We purchased a really nice outdoor patio set ( Ipe ) this year with the knowledge that we would have to do routine cleaning and maintenance.

Unfortunately the sales person, who seemed like he was knowledgeable, sold us some sealer and said we should sand the top before applying the sealer and it would keep the beautiful color.

We did one round of sanding/sealing and realized immediately the sales guy was wrong.  The oil ended up coming out and it sped up the graying affect.

The sealer, as it turns out, is to go on after the oil and keeps the wood from getting water spots, rings, etc.

The Ipe oil needs a good 24/48hr to dry with no rain so trying to find a time to re-sand and oil the furniture while keeping it dry remained a problem the rest of the season.  Finally, after cleaning out a lot of other projects in the garage, we moved the table into the garage and I started sanding.

Here are some before, during, and after pics.  Some of the pieces of the table are just gorgeous.

Starting the sanding.  60grit, then 120, and 180.

Sanding with 120grit done.  Finished with 180grit.

Getting ready to spread the oil with a roller.

Ipe oil all applied.
After 45min we wiped off the excess.

Beautiful grain
Some more beautiful grain

Monday, October 30, 2017

Ever milked a rattlesnake?

The Festool Domino has been on the wishlist for a long time, a really long time, but as everyone knows the price is a little steep.  By the time you get even the smaller version, in the set, with the accessory bundle, you are upwards of a ratty ole car, or horse, or maybe a truck to pull the horse.

First thing you have to do is test out the new toy, oops, I mean tool, right?  As it turned out, Tornado had previously broken his sword that we had made that was just wood glued together.  I had been holding off just glueing it again knowing it would end up breaking again and I had visions of it being over Hurricane's head.

A few test cuts with the Domino, wait, who am I kidding, test cuts, practice, please...  Jumped right into using it and well lets just say it isn't as perfectly in the center as I might like.  Luckily kids don't care that much and I learned a bit.

It's a bit like milking a rattlesnake.  You'd bess hold on or something other than what you want is going to get bit.

Part way through Tornado decided he wanted it painted and I was left with trying to figure out how to hold it and let him paint it.  Yea, you can also imagine my hands and arms all silver and black from him learning how to spray paint and me holding it.

And then it hits me, why not use my brand new tool, who are we kidding, toy, solve that problem too!  Dry fit a couple dominos in, drilled a couple holds, and presto perfect hanging points.
Domino to the rescue.

Blade and Handle hanging by their dominos, painted and drying.

Love this tool and can't wait to find more neat uses for it.

 Anyone ever seen a Tornado chase a Hurricane through the house wielding a sword?

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