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At Calallen Chiropractic we are dedicated to providing the best quality chiropractic care to everyone who walks in our door. We want to make our patients feel comfortable and confident in our office. They should at all times feel like they are in the best hands. We want them to be as happy about the chiropractic care they received as my mother was when she received her first chiropractic treatment. For our patients we want to go the extra mile and then create another mile after that to go again.


Our simple chiropractic treatment philosophy is “recommend to patients what you would recommend for your mother or grandmother.” We feed off people getting better, nothing makes us happier then people improving and healing. The quicker the better.

We want to provide fast affordable and effective chiropractic treatments to our patients. Our office hours are extended for the convenience of patients. We want someone to get the care they need as easily as possible. Another fantastic policy we have in the office is “we don’t make finances an issue in our office and do everything possible so people can receive the care they need regardless of their financial situation.”

Comfortable, Friendly Chiropractic Care That Works

Our Calallen practice is like a friendly home, with all kinds of different family members. When you visit our home you may see: an elderly lady who had an achy lower back, an athlete from the local high school who felt a pinch while swinging the bat or throwing the football, a truck driver who has been having some lower back problems, a teenager who was in an auto accident or a mother who had headaches and neck pain. The point is we love the fact we see all kinds of different people and have the opportunity to help them how ever we can.

Call now to get started on your journey towards wellness.

Dr. Derek McArthur | Dr. Justin Moore | Dr. Mark Salinas
Calallen Chiropractors

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